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Haiti 2013

Photo by Artist

Photography 2016


Photography 2016


AOP Gallery Show

(Association of Photographers) London, Sublime, Representations of Awe in Contemporty Imagery, January 6-26, 2006

Photography 2016

Mookie and Ma

Photography 2016


Photography 2016


Photography 2016


Photography 2016


Hawaiian Temple print

Temple Engraving
GL Nelson, 2003
Intaglio Print, hand colored

Bird Boat

Engraving, 2003

China 2007

Hangzhou Orient Culture Park

My Name is EzelL

Inspired illustrations and message - Read the story behind this little book... Gayle Lynn Nelson

Backyard Hawaii

Photo by Artist

Grand Central Central Park Park Avenue

GL Nelson 2004 Engravings HandColoured

Bass Performance Hall

Fort Worth TX GL Nelson 2005 Engraved Print, Digitally Enhanced

London Gallery Exhibit

Do Not Allow Katrina To Steal Your Joy GL Nelson Pascagoula MS London Gallery Exhibit 9-11-2005

Ferns Hawaii

Photo by Artist

Garden Quintessence

GL Nelson 2008 Photos-DigitalMontage

Alki Beach


Seattle 2017

Photo by artist

Mae Seattle 2015


More connections. Less connection.

Photo by Artist, 2017

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themed object
Gayle Nelson
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About the Artist

Gayle NelsonGayle Nelson's work expresses an ongoing fascination with the beauty of wonderfully diverse cities and unique places. From New York City and the Hawaiian Islands to whimsical fairy tale places and fables retold, she has pulled prints of what she loves best--structure and beauty. Her work reflects an old-world flavor in a modern day setting. From concept to finished print, the creative process involves rediscovering line, texture, color, and composition. Her artistic creations reflect her heart, soul, and spirit.

Her family and career took her on another path and school went by the wayside for a few decades, although she remained in the art world as an Art Director of Rotor & Wing Magazine and Art Director for Ad Planner group at Multi-Ad Services, both in Peoria, Illinois. She did not get back into printmaking until 1999, 25 years later, while earning her BA degree at Troy University in Alabama.

The TSU Senior Body of Work led Gayle to a museum showing of her prints at the Wiregrass Museum of Art in Dothan, Alabama in 2001. Ironically, her art studio had burned to the ground just a few weeks before the museum show, and she lost 30 years of treasured artwork, her children’s portraits, and original oils and acrylics. Fortunately Troy University had required copies of all prints which they returned to her after the fire, making the museum show still possible. This is the beauty of printmaking and multiples.

After she was accepted into the Syracuse ISDP MA Illustration Program in 2002, she was refreshingly submerged in the creative world again. Knowing faculty guided her to focus on printmaking. Although she had started out in oils, acrylics, and even digital media, printmaking is her heart, soul, and spirit, and will remain an essential part of her life.

Read about the story behind the little book "My Name is EzelL." Working on her Doctorate in 2012, Gayle met a fellow classmate during residency, and traveled to Haiti to help grow a school. You will enjoy the inspirations and the story behind the book... view the photos under Travel.

"Impact of Hands-On Art for Online Students" is a work in progress and part of a Project Doctoral Study.

I would love to hear from you! Contact me at glnellie2014@gmail.com


Why I love printmaking and

How my work is done...


Copyright, Nelson Illustration, Gayle L. Nelson, 2017.


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